Winter Wonderland


Tragedies, mishaps, and many more fill the chapters of our books. One chapter that never fails to bring tears from my heart are the lives that are touched by cancer.

Every Saturday and Sunday, being out for a volunteer event was an often occurrence in my life. Having taken part in the Breast Cancer Walk, Aids Walk, and other yearly events more times than I could count has made me more than aware of the drastic effect such illnesses effect millions of people throughout the world. Some people experienced cancer first hand, others are survivors, or while others have watched their loved ones get affected by it. When I joined Gilda’s club, a safe haven for those who had experienced cancer in some form, about a year ago, I was shocked at how many children were there. To see them smiling and laughing almost fooled me of the things they must have and are going through.

Can you imagine that? To imagine, that just walking down a road you’ve walked everyday of your life to get home, the very people you pass have a story unknown to you. One of them may have lost their mother to cancer, another may have attempted to suicide, or dealt with depression. I can’t help but wonder…question what that stranger’s life might be like, who I only gave a passing glance at? Are they happy or sad? Do they need someone to take their hand, even if it might be a stranger like me?

I was told that if I worried about everyone’s tears in the world, it would take as long as crossing the universe which is why I shouldn’t care and worry about my own life. I’ve tried over and over again to not care but it’s just not in my nature…especially when curiosity fills my mind that if I had just taken the next step after asking that question. Even if I may not end up saving a persons life, I might have saved them from themselves. After all, we are our worst demons.

However, those kids let me dare to hope. They gave themselves that one day to just forget. A day full of happiness in the winter wonderland with only the important questions in mind. When will we get our presents? What’s the next fun thing to do?

I was more than happy yesterday to give it to them, while thanking them in my mind for letting me be a part of their small yet perfect moment. While they hurried to put together the cut out pieces of Olaf together and make snowflakes as we taught them, the room was full of warmth despite the cold, frigid air of winter.

Thank you Gilda’s Club for just existing. You stand for something that many have yet to discover or appreciate. Those that have already, like me, got one more reason to how life is truly beautiful.


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