My Own Dementors


In everyone of our lives, there’s those few who seem to make it there life goal to bring you down into the dark hole they live in that seems to get deeper by the day. A book series and well known movie that I grew up with and one day will be known to be a classic, is Harry Potter. Few are more than obsessed with these books, dressing up like one of the four houses and as if they have powers but what I want to talk about are the dementors J.K Rowling so elegantly created with her imagination in the third book. As often as I feel like my life is hell, I try to be optimistic as often as I can and convince myself that Earth is far from hell and demons are far more evil than the humans that exist in our world. As naive as it may make me, I like to believe that there is good in every person on this planet. However, it doesn’t take the truth away from the fact that even though I may not have humans equal to demons, I do have my own dementors that just suck the happiness out of me…some aware that they are and some who have no clue…

I like to think of each and everyone of us as a ball of sunshine and then there a few that just can’t help but just suck energy away from you, dimming you light of happiness but they’re still this huge black spot of darkness even with your energy. In a way it well portrays the fact that no one can be happy while making another person unhappy. I honestly, don’t know which is worse. A person causing you pain knowingly, or unknowingly. I guess both have their own sense of tragedy. In my life those people were my bullies and my family. You can guess who were the ones that were quite aware they were causing me distress and which one wasn’t. In a way, I admit both were a pain in the a**, excuse my language. There’s really no other way to put it. The bullies just wouldn’t tell me the reason why they bullied me and my family was beyond any point in even understanding the situation. Even when my therapist and psychiatrist have a sit down, they talk about how my family members are quite difficult and hard to cooperate with…yippy!

However, these past few months have caused my tolerance level to drop quite low. Sometimes, I can’t even recognize myself. Before I would just silently deal with it and basically let the people in my life do what their best at, be the dementors in my life 24/7 because I was surrounded with them everywhere I go. Then, there is now where I just can’t deal with it. I’ve reached a point where I’ve become aware of what I don’t deserve to deal with in my life, which are these very peoples’ natures.

I’ve come to realize that the one difference between humans and dementors are that we can choose not to be that black hole in anothers life while dementors were basically created to take away anothers happiness. And I’ve chosen to make those in my life aware, that I choose not to take the bait by falling into that black hole with them, that they began creating for me.

Another had written how I feel with such accuracy that from here on, I’ll let his words speak. I believe, that when someone reaches a point where they feel what he describes, its the point where a person truly begins to respect themselves. The reason why I know this is because before I had wasted time on the people he described and also have realized that I didn’t appreciate myself back then. Now I that I do, each word rings so clear and true.





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