red cross pic for blog

I’m barely visible in this picture but the main reason why I decided to post this was to show the sheer number of kids in one of the clubs that I was in charge of before I dropped out of the club because of my issues recently. Majority of the members weren’t even there that day and barely anyone got into the picture in comparison to the people that did come. Sadly, they are crowded all the way in the back out of sight.

As the years have gone by, hearing about the population boost on our planet has been basically common knowledge. My school itself, has about 4,000 high school students and every year the number of students being admitted are rising. More than several times have I gone into a debate about the rising population on Earth. Of course, it’s more than great that life expectancy has increased for the general human being for progress in medicine and more.

What my problem is, when the topic of kids come up with my parents. For my parents disturbing marriage, I’ve been more than adamant about not wanting to get married in the near future. However, my parents asked me, what about kids? You love them, don’t you want to have any?

The thing was I did, and a simple answer came to my mind the minute they asked this which made them not so happy. I mean they weren’t angry, but they couldn’t imagine me not having kids of my own. When I was talking to one of my internship mentors over the summer, we both agreed of how there were countless of kids without any parents. Her husband and her agreed with me that they would rather adopt a child and provide them the facilities their own child would have gotten if they had one. In fact they were planning to.

I admired her for doing what exactly what I wanted to do in the future. I wanted to adopt countless of children to get them out of the foster system because I saw all children as equal. There was no difference between their child and mine just because a different person gave birth to them. When there are so many kids dying early at a young age or parentless, my question is why give birth to more kids when there is a kid right next to you that needs help.

I understand that parents often want a child of their own. But my question is that if you have the ability, why don’t you have one child of your own and adopt another as well?

Ignorance is blissful because the the harsh truth that many refuse to see is that in reality, you’re not doing the world a favor by adding another person on the list. Other uneducated people can’t help but continue to reproduce, not knowing any better, so why don’t the educated people help those by taking care of the children. By giving birth to five or six children because you want to, is killing five or six children out there.

Don’t discriminate between children. You are a mother and a father for each one out there. And I plan on loving each and every one of my future children that I adopt, married or not.


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