Marilyn Monroe

Monroe’s 10 Best Quotes

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Marilyn Monroe’s words have always been able to inspire me, and I can bet that it’s true for others who’ve also read her quotes before. In her time, everyone has always seen her from afar where she seemed untouchable. However, I’ve never found anyone I could relate to as much as her. Of course, I’m not a famous sex symbol like her, but she showed that she was like anyone else, dealing with her own demons and like all of us, she unfortunately had met the wrong people who did anything but help her. Instead they just pushed her further into the spotlight. I’ve always admired her for her inspiring words and trying her hardest to stay strong for as long as she could. Others say 36 was a young age when she passed away, but I look up to her because those 36 years may have been the most tiring, painful 36 years to exist for anyone. And we can all agree that she flourished despite her circumstances. I can only hope her words inspire you as well.



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