Stupidity at its finest

Geniuses, prodigies, and basically fantastic people have always been known to exist throughout history, However, the perfect human being never has. No matter how great one is, each and everyone of us have our flaws. During my search for my identity or discover who I was, I only succeeded in seeing how we all share our identities with another in some way. Like our hair or eye color, or maybe your nice and so is he or she. The only thing I thought that made me different or being the infamous “me” was that I was just a different combination of very common aspects. Like a person might have brown eyes and black hair and another may have black hair as well but with blue eyes.

Nothing amazing right? I’m basically the result of a formula that produces an infinity of choices like a social security number that are used to label or identify us. However, one day I came across this quote by Albert Einstein that stated,

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”

Honestly, I don’t know what that meant for humanity when it came from one of the greatest minds to exist but when I heard this quote, one word escaped me like instinct that I think would also not make others entirely happy…”Amen.”

Yes, that was the first word that came out my mouth and the next second I made sure I was alone and no one got offended. Now I knew that I was made of a bunch of things common and also stupid. Yeah not feeling so great about myself at the moment.

But while I was going through my depression I was also learning that our pain take just an equal part in building our future as our happiness does as well. In that same exact way, our flaws play their role in helping create who we are, in other words our identity, as our strengths do as well. In a way our flaws were the unplanned part of the formula when we were born that just sneaked in there. They are what makes us unpredictable, that molded us into something that couldn’t just be summed up with some numbers or mere words. It gave a whole other meaning to the complexity behind the existence of humanity. It defined me in a way that made me known with certain that there has never been and will never be an exact replica of who I am today.

Maybe Albert Einstein was never actually planning on insulting every human being that has ever existed. Maybe he was only stating a truth that so many failed to see before him. There is still so much unknown among us and where people are pushed each everyday to be smarter than the person sitting next to them, we fail to notice a strength we possess in abundance. I confess I lack common sense and am stupid more times than I count. However, I’m not ashamed of it anymore. In fact, I’m proud. More proud than when people tell me I’m smart or pretty. So let’s be stupid together because that’s one thing that’s similar yet so different between each and everyone us making us incalculable by any formula on this earth. Our stupidity in certain aspects is whats makes us who we are and allows us to funnel our greatness with immense strength in the things we were meant to achieve.

So, once again if you’re wondering, the offer is still there. stupid


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  1. I saw your comment on the community pool asking for feedback so I thought I would post some here – easier for you to see it that way 🙂 I think this post is great, it made me smile, it’s well written and you make it personal which is great ^_^ I think you’re completely right, people often forget to embrace their very human stupidity when it, in many cases, is a brilliant quality in a strange way. I was also wondering, if you could spare a moment, just to take a look through my one-and-only post? I haven’t even been doing this for a week so it would just be nice to see how I’m doing so far x)

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