This is the second time in a week, where I’ve changed the domain of my blog. I want nothing more to continue to post, but it’s hard to focus or my writing to flow when there’s no interest or lingering discontent about something (like my work). Which is why whenever I attempt to write a story or book because I completely fail, not being able to stick to one idea until another great idea seizes me and consumes every thought in my brain. In other words, until I write it down, it’s hard for me to concentrate on anything else. I’ve always loved being satisfied with my blog, but it was always the name that bothered me. However, I just kept on letting it go till this past week where it’s been on my mind every second I have time to think about anything.

Compared to before, words don’t come to me as easily as they did when I first began writing here. Maybe because the things and feelings I was dealing with were so fresh that I didn’t have to think as I typed away. However, I’ve reached a neutral ground where as before I have happy days as I have a few sad days as well. It feels too normal to have anything eventful to write about. The small things that irritate me, that make my unbalanced once more feel too insignificant to share about. So what do I write about?

Writing reviews on books, skincare, and TV shows have always been an feline-blush2interest to me but I’m so equally invested in each of them, I wouldn’t know which to choose and invest in. I could do all three but let’s be real, I wouldn’t know where to start because it’s so much material. I kept wondering maybe I should start a new blog for my reviews, but handling just one is hard enough, two would be too much commitment. Maybe one day I’ll expand this blog to include reviews but till then I’ll continue to be a little more indecisive because in the end I truly want to love this site. What I really don’t want is to tear it into shreds and delete it forever for hating it.



  1. I appreciate where you’re coming from with this. When starting my blog, I read a piece of advice from a long-term blogger that stuck with me (while it’s been a real challenge to implement): he said that once the blog is live, let it go for 60 days without tweaking the layout and name and such things to focus on building content.

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