Lovers Dance

Relationships have always been complicated. Yet they never fail to entice people with all their positives and I don’t blame them. To have a constant companion to go through thick or thin with you would definitely have its appeal. Ever since my older sister entered her first relationship two years ago, it made me question all the determination I stored away to stay away from guys and attempt to live my life as a single woman as long as possible. This determination was of coursed influenced by my father’s horrible role as a husband, even though he was a pretty good dad but it really made you dislike the idea of ever marrying in the fear of ending up like my mother. (Though of course I still have a lot of time in my hands.)

1082102638However, seeing my sister have a person to go talk to about everything, and I mean literally everything at anytime of the day she wanted made it oh so appealing. I mean who doesn’t want someone willing to wake up at 3 am because you want them to talk you to sleep. Then again, it could just be in my sister’s case.

But everything changed several months ago when they broke up. For months the only topic was the boy that broke my sisters heart. Hour after hour she analyzed what had gone wrong while my mother and I humored her by providing different possible explanations. Now relationships were the enemy once again for her. She was angry that while she was doing fine and had her icy personality primped to perfection, he just had to poke the bear and chase her till she agreed to date him two years earlier.

Yet, after witnessing all the confusion and turmoil this relationship had caused her, this yearning for something more didn’t disappear within me. Yes, there are so many positives to a relationship but I also know for a fact that each and everyone of them is a complication. Now the question is, is that certain someone worth the complication? Obviously I don’t know yet but this pushing and pulling between two people, with all the laughs and tears is too much of a resemblance of a roller coaster, which I have always had a dislike for riding.


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