I Thought I Needed This

tumblr_metrdpa5q51qa9ipwo1_1280Today I decided I would make a little venture to my second little haven in the city. Starbucks. Some people say it’s overrated, others say the hype is totally warranted. Honestly, I needed inspiration and Starbucks somehow never fails to lift my spirits. I’m not sure if it’s the divine drinks…or just the plain atmosphere they provide. The dim lights, the aroma of coffee, and the warmth. Another plus is they’re found on every corner. But my favorite has always been the one near my old home that I moved from. It’s as homey as they get. They have little sofas lining one side. The huge space and the interior never fails to comfort me.

So I thought I can’t bring myself to write, what could be better than taking a little trip to that old Starbucks? I regret it. Not entirely though per say because I am writing! But it’s so crowded. There’s people everywhere.

Despite how outgoing, well communicative, and sociable people describe me as, the past two years have changed me. I still am the same person from before but I’ve learnt to appreciate the quiet. The need to learn to be okay with being alone when you want to be. And now I did need a moment of quietness in my little safe haven in the corner of the city other than my home.

It does help though that people are trickling out, rushing home to their families and home made dinners.

It’s strange though. It was almost physically hard not to write when I was depressed. I was raw and my emotions flowed almost eloquently on paper…almost romanticizing my pain.

But I feel so awkward and brisk as I write these words because I’m so happy. The past few weeks I genuinely feel happy. It doesn’t feel like a lie. Neither does it feel fake. Neither do I question whether if I’m actually happy or not.

To think something as simple as just feeling an emotion was so hard for me before. It didn’t feel real, a farce before. However, it is my reality now. It will be.

It won’t be a dream or a goal I’ll have where when people ask what do you want for your future and I naively respond, just to be happy.

I amΒ already happy now. Now, I can finally aim to achieve the dreams that I’m meant to achieve. Be the successful career woman I see myself to be.

So excited for my future!!! ❀

P.S Maybe I did need this.



    • Hi! Thank you for the nomination! I have been nominated for it already quite a few times and even though it means a lot, I’ve always been horrible with the questions and accepting them. But thank you still! It means a lot!! πŸ™‚

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  1. I love to be in the midst of people sometimes. Especially in a downtown areas, airport, or some heavy populated area. For once it allows you to take the focus off of yourself and intangible yourself in someone else’s world for a few seconds or minutes. I am so glad that you are truly happy. It’s honestly one of the hardest things to accomplish in my opinion. I wish you the best in your future plans. I can’t wait to read about them as they unfold.

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  2. I LOVE this! You drew me in with the allure of coffee (I’m a Seattlelite, home of Starbucks) and left me with a smile! I love that your happiness has sprung– and it wasn’t because of fulfilling a dream or a big task or even because coffee helped lead the way. Genuine happiness is internal. I believe if it comes from external things, it will too soon fade away and then we’re left chasing it all over again. So happy for you!

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  3. To be happy just because you are happy is the ultimate achievement. Now that you have accomplished that everything shall fall into place. You have arrived at a place many never do… I’m so Happy for you!! Wishing you success with all your dreams and desires…and being that career woman you aim to become!! You will.. πŸ™‚

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  4. Maybe it’s just me but I am reluctant to hand over that kind of money for a coffee. I get more satisfaction heating my milk in the microwave, at home, with a spoonful of powdered coffee and 3 sweeteners. I am one of those who think it is overrated but if it is something that give you a little bit of happiness then it is worth the money. Personally I’d rather give the money to a Big Issue seller, than contribute to the big knobs who own a Starbucks. Contributing to their 3rd holiday home, or help one person get through the day. I get more satisfaction knowing I’ve helped someone buy a tin of beans and a loaf to feed their family. But everyone gets their happiness from different things in life 😁

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    • I totally understand that. In fact I admire that! I guess it’s because I don’t drink coffee often, so when I do I drink from Starbucks because it’s near and coffee is always a midday thing for me, if I’m having a hard time getting through the day. But hearing you help buy someone a loaf and tin of beans to feed their family is so amazing. I volunteer every weekend but that experience feels so much more personal and admirable. ❀ You have my complete respect!! πŸ˜€

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    • Thank you for reading! I’m shocked to how many care about me just being happy, without the fireworks or a big event to justify. I’m so appreciative of everyone here. I’m so in love with you guys!!! πŸ™‚ ❀

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  5. Lovely. I hopped in here from your comment on Community Post, and could click with you instantly (though I’ve NEVER gone to a coffee shop all my life). I love the way you write! Keep up the good work!

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  6. The word Starbucks drew me in, honestly. the closest Starbucks to where I live is in another city. (sucks) You’re lucky you can drive by down whenever you feel like it :’)
    To have reached the stage of finding happiness with yourself, you’ve accomplished what I’ve struggled with for years now but slowly begun striving toward it.
    Nevertheless, I’m sincerely happy for you. i hope you have a great future ahead. :’D

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  7. I go to Starbucks almost everyday to work, but I can only write at home! And I’m so glad you’re feeling happy. Remember to “only harbor positive thoughts” and before you know it, you will be steadily happy. Bless, S

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  8. It is amazing how sometimes we find happiness in tiny things that can’t be achieved even with big accomplishments. It has made me think deep on search for happiness.
    I’m glad you liked my blog so it left a trail to reach to yours.
    I m very fond of the first ever Starbucks coffee in Seattle, it is more like a tourist attraction than just a coffee shop.
    If other readers are interested in travel and the beautiful Pacific NW, give a visit to my blog and feel free to leave your feedback/comments or hit ‘like’ if you do! Thanks https://fromgrapevine.wordpress.com/

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  9. Good one..kind of related to it..Not a Starbuck fan but totally agree with the Solitude aspect. Happiness is a state of mind. One could be happy being alone & may not be happy even if surrounded by many people.

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  10. After I moved to Cornwall–a million miles from the nearest coffee shop–my writing went into a crisis. Or I did, but over my writing. I relied heavily on coffee shops as writing spaces, and making the transition to writing at home took a couple of years. I still do miss coffee shops, though.

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