Walking My Own

alone-colors-freedom-girl-favim-com-2177959It was almost physically hard not to write when I was depressed. I was raw and my emotions flowed eloquently on paper…almost romanticizing my pain.

But here I am, my words abrupt and my sentences lacking a certain flow. Because I’m okay right now. I might even say that I’m happy. Still happy. And there is truly nothing significant to write about because of it.




  1. I know what you mean. However, a lot of times when a certain period is over in our life we can actually look back more clearly as an observer and write better because our head has become devoid of all cloudiness.

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  2. What really helped me write when I’m emotional was to embrace my emotions. It doesn’t help your thought process at all if you’re innately disgusted or uncomfortable with the feeling you’re trying to express.

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