When All You Know is Heaven


I was watching another one of countless plots unfold. I was surprised the first thing I judged was not ungrateful but rather, I understand her.

A girl was living in the mountains, in a small village, with only her grandmother. In other words, the movie depicted her life and home a mortal paradise. Far away from chaos and tragic that existed surrounding them. Then again, it did not mean it was a complete paradise for her. She was happy yes but there were those petty bullies and strict words from her grandmother, who rarely showed her how much she truly loved her. But it soon shows, when she leaves the protection of the village to venture out for her own life, she becomes enveloped in struggles. Eventually her definition of heaven when others later ask, is the old home she used to live in.

Often we are naive to say, all we want is to be happy. Yet, the first mistake I see is when the people that may possibly be the happiest…seek out what soons to be the very problems that destroy them. It is a little dramatic for my taste but the concept stood true. Maybe I wouldn’t have been so quick to understand before, but I can’t help but quickly agree now after going through my set of challenges. I would not be so appreciative and truly happy, if I were happy forever.

It’s sad to think people that have only known happiness and are for their whole life, will never truly understand happiness. Which is why everyone goes through hardships, tragedy, and pain. Because it only makes the aftertaste that much sweeter.

You will be happy. You are happy. But you can also be sad. And you will be sad. But as both are necessary and important, the irony is you need both to have a good life that you value.

At first instead of value I was going to write “don’t regret” but who are we kidding, at one point everyone regrets.



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