They Think It’s Okay



I glanced at the girl before me. I didn’t know this chick well enough. We had gotten as comfortable as you can get with someone you only met twice in your life. However, it was like a routine.

“Have you ever dated anyone before?”

“No,” I replied. Laughing at her question. Again, I thought. I was in full blush mode, but I wasn’t feeling shy at all.

“I’m a virgin too if that’s your second question,” I said nonchalantly. There was no shame felt anymore from that statement. Eventually,you realize there was no point in feeling embarrassed. It’s a fact. It shouldn’t be a big deal.

“Oh, wow! That’s so adorable!”

I laughed along with her but out of absurdity. No, this situation was not okay. How I felt that moment was not at all alright in any way.




  1. Nothing wrong with being a virgin! I’m 18 and a virgin (although I suppose that’s still young.) It’s going to stay that way for a long time I assure you. Maybe even my whole life.

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  2. I never understood people’s fascination with ones virginity. It’s not like we live in olden times where it matters or is frowned upon as much. The thing that becomes a nuisance, is when others find out they feel the need to try and fix it as if it is a problem… Sigh~ Frankly, I don’t really get it. Best I could tell you is to ignore it as doesn’t matter as much anymore. Or just keep laughing until they take a hint.

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