A Child’s Innocence


I could do nothing but sigh. The painful sensation in my head was increasing by the minute. I knew what I needed. Peace. But only screaming children filled my vision. There were tears on the right. Spilled juice on the left. A hugging student coiled around my frame on the front and of course lastly my extra strict director right behind. I could almost feel her breathing down my neck. Was it possible to have this much rotten luck…

All I could think was that since my new job as a teacher’s assistant, I had truly realized how clumsy and mistake-prone I was. At previous jobs, I had only experienced and heard of how praiseworthy my potential and work was.But here. There was nothing but chaos.

But as I look at these children, I become confused. They were not the problem. I was. I had an unconditional love for them. Any child I see running down the street and a giddy smile appears on my face in response. Yet when I see them lie, hurt me, and just smile the next second I just don’t understand. I was bullied at their age and I’ve seen firsthand the cruelty of naive children.

Facing it again through the eyes of an adult, I don’t understand. I can feel my limit being reached, yet I still hold them when they cry and smile at them with affection.

Where is the innocence I seem so intent on doting upon?


  • : the state of being not guilty of a crime or other wrong act

  • : lack of experience with the world and with the bad things that happen in life

  • : lack of knowledge about something

Until I realize that it was wrong of me to presume. Innocence is not a badge of honor that gives a child a free pass. They are merely unexposed. In other words, in the adult world from one adult to another…ignorant. Their own state of bliss.




  1. You put it into words….I’ve been trying to piece this together myself for so long because I was bullied as a child too. And now that’s all I see when I look at kids. Thank you for explaining.

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  2. While this is true, Children’s simple way of thinking can open up new forms of thought that most adults nowadays are incapable of doing. Being a blank slate gives more room for growth. Sure they are unexposed to the ways of the world, but in some aspects, I would like to think they are also uncorrupted as well.(But seriously, children can be extremely cruel that it can be disturbing)

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  3. Wow. I do agree with you. When I see a child smile, my face lights up. I love children but I also know them in another state.
    The beauty of the human life, is then seen, when such a child grows up and of his own volition, chooses a state of innocence (purity),and not one borne out of ignorance!

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    • Yes, perfectly put. I often feel as if I’ve seen more adults rather than children display true qualities of innocence. Because they willingly choose to not be all knowing, which is often different from ignorance.


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