azxcIt’s insane.

Recent conversations have been deep. On the borderline of depressing or even morbid. Yet. Is it possible to even feel this light and happy.

Emotions. They’re so fickle. Just yesterday I broke down crying, filling my room with the ugly sounds of a dying cat. But today, or should I say this exact moment, I feel the complete opposite.

It’s hard to believe that in less than a month, another year will pass. I will be 19. For someone like me, whose an oldie at heart, time has always been relevant. Time has always fascinated but also scared the wits out of me. And right now time was moving too fast. Ironically this morning during work I was wondering why the day was moving so slowly. However somehow I find myself surrounded by night now. In a way, I’m already in the future. To think, in no time, I will be reading this as a 19 year old and that moment will be my present. And this moment will be my past.




  1. I’m turning 19 this year too. It blows my mind because it just never occurred to me that I’d be alive this long. The universe had other plans…

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      • Oh yes, I “follow” you, and I always find your posts very wise. I have to admit that I thought you were much older, I hope you are not mad at me now 😉

        Feeling at home in the new town has been much easier than I thought, and I really feel at home here 🙂 I was lucky to find some very good friends quickly, that helped a lot!

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      • Haha no of course I’m not mad! I look very young (like 12) but when people get to know me they also comment the same thing. A weird balance I guess? 😉 That’s wonderful that you were able to adapt easily and as always, thanks for following!! ❤

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  2. Every now and then I get those feelings, I’m a little older than you, in a little more than a month I will be 22. I get those sudden mood swings, not just mood, my whole being changes and it’s quite draining, I think that taking moment by moment at once could be the best way to approach this. 🙂

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