Worrisome Nature


I had thought I had improved. However, here I am. Having wasted a whole day sunk in the vast waste of worried thoughts I created. Not someone else. But me. I whisper the words, one day at a time Fai. One day at a time. But it’s a harsh reminder for one like I who has a clumsy nature. I screw up so often. So, I freak out as a result so often. Today I could only just go home and cuddle under my blanket for a nap, succumbing to the pressure of sleeping away my fears and worries. Now, awake at night, it’s time to study.




  1. Oh my gosh, listen! It’s okay to sleep away the pain, the worry, the problems, everything sometimes. Taking it one day at a time is perfect. It means you’re surviving! Sometimes self-care is letting go and succumbing for awhile, but as long as you get back up, you haven’t failed anyone. If you’re worried about school, please, talk to me, and I’ll help however I can. You’re beautiful and you’re surviving through this. You’ll make it! I know you will!
    My inbox is always open!
    -Author S

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